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There are many ways in which one can honor the god in the modern day world:

  1. Make offerings.
    There were many offerings which would be acceptable:

    1. Coins
      Hermes is a god of the marketplace, gambling, commerce, and thieves.
    2. Strawberries
      "In the sanctuary of Promakhos (the Champion) is kept all that is left of the wild strawberry-tree under which they believe that Hermes was nourished." -Pausanias 9.22.1-2
    3. Libations
      Wine, oil, water, or honey would all be appropriate, classical libations to the gods.
    4. Incense
      Styrax (AKA Storax, Styrax benzoin or simply benzoin) and frankincense were specified by the Orphic Hymns for Hermes.

  2. Gamble.
    Buy a lottery ticket, spend some time in Las Vegas or Atlantic City--or take a meaningful risk in your life which would be akin to a gamble.

  3. Play dice or card games.
    Hermes is a god of luck and chance. If gambling doesn't appeal to you, games of chance would make a great offering, or even an agon to him. An agon was a contest or competition held on behalf of the gods in classical times, and is a great way for two or more people to honor the gods.

When is it especially appropriate to honor Hermes?
  1. During periods of umemployment, or as a thank you for becoming employed.
  2. For wealth gained, especially if it was a lucky find or a win.
  3. Before, during, and/or after travel.
  4. As a thank you for anything lucky that has come your way, or if you require luck.
  5. As a thank you for any successful business transaction, or during such.

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  • Greek Religion by Walter Burkert
  • Greek Mythology by Fritz Graf
  • The Greeks and their Gods by W.K.C. Guthrie

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