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Prayer to Hermes by Kyrene

 O Hermes, you lucky most fortunate god
Bringer of good will and victory in chance to mortals
Son of Zeus, inventor of the lyre,
I sing praises to you, o most worthy god

You are in a shower of coins at a casino
The luck of a draw, the winning hand
The traveling companion with a wink and a smile
Who would not readily sing praises to Hermes,
patron god of the fortunate?

The glint of silver is akin
to the twinkle in your eye
Who would boast of good fortune, must also
boast of Hermes
For they are one and the same, o good god!
Hermes, your cunning and skillful ways
are beloved to us all.

Lead us to victory in all things big and small,
dear Hermes
Share with us your random wisdom
Let us laugh at your jokes
Travel with us on our journeys

And remind us that above all else,
life is one big random adventure.

©2005 by Kyrene Ariadne